Review of Financial Studies - Sample LaTeX Document

The enclosed files are the LaTeX2e (not LaTeX 2.09!) style files and other items that were used to generate the files sent to Oxford University Press for the article

Ivo Welch, "Why is Bank Debt Senior: A Theory of Asymmetry and Claim Priority Based on Influence Costs." Review of Financial Studies 10-4.
The files on this WWW page show how authors can use LaTeX2e to handle endnotes, citations, references, etc. Please note that the author, Ivo Welch, is not a LaTeX wizard. This document and the attached files are on this WWW site to make it easier for authors to get their document into the appropriate typesetting style, required by OUP. All files comes without any warranties and support.

Note: You really should install LaTeX2e, because it provides packages necessary to the task of translation into journal markup format. LaTeX2e did officially replace LaTeX 2.09 as of Fall 1993. The new latex will gracefully latex your old latex papers. (It is "backwards compatible.") It is also a much better system for typesetting new papers, and it is a step towards LaTeX3, which will hopefully be available by the year 2000. (No bug intended.)

A short recommendation: The book The LaTeX Companion by Goossens, Mittelbach, and Samarin (Addison Wesley Publishing) is quite helpful in describing LaTeX packages. Except for rfs.bst, which Ivo Welch modified, all style files used here are available at CTAN, the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network.

The main LaTeX source file. It includes figures (epsfig.sty), a bibliography (harvard.sty, rfs.bst), Lucida scaleable postscript fonts (lucidbry.sty---if you do not have these purchased and installed, just hit enter when latex complains that it has not found the lucidbry style file), double and single spacing (setspace.sty), endnotes (endnotes.sty), and postscript figures.
A postscript figure included in the paper.
A postscript figure included in the paper.
A postscript figure included in the paper.
The bibliography used by bankdebt.tex.
A bibtex style file. Perhaps the most common bibtex style file there is.
Fixes up references, so that they follow RFS format. This is hand-modified by Ivo Welch, and thus not trustworthy at all!
A particular Postscript font family. The advantage of these fonts is that the resulting output can be better scaled and viewed by Adobe Acrobat readers. If you do not have them purchased and installed, just ignore the LaTeX error, and your LaTeX will use Computer Modern Roman (CMR) instead.
Makes footnotes into endnotes if you include \let\footnote=\endnote.
Double spacing, single spacing. (Please note: if you have ever used doublespace.sty, note that it is obsolete.) This is part of many, but not every LaTeX2e distribution.

Postscript graphics within a LaTeX2e document. epsfig.sty should but may not be part of your standard LaTeX2e distribution. Although pretty much every LaTeX2e distributions is likely provide the functionality to include encapsulated postscript files ("eps" files) in a latex2e document, epsfig.sty is only a pseudostandard. (eps files are passed through to and handled by dvips; consequently, eps file handling is not (yet) an official part of LaTeX2e.)
If epsfig is not included in your distribution, perhaps an "epsf" package is. If so, replace (in bankdebt.tex) \usepackage{epsfig} with \usepackage{epsf} and change \epsfig{file=WvsV.eps,width=6in} to

Also, please note that you can only use epsfig.sty, if you use dvips or another dvi to postscript converter and then print to a postscript printer. An HP Laserjet without Postscript will not do!
Please note: epsfig.sty works, but newer latex distributions are using a different graphic inclusion method. The new package is called \usepackage{graphicx}, and the command to include a figure is, e.g.,
The advantage of the graphicx driver is that it has support for more graphics file input options, such as jpeg, and support for more output, such as pdftex. All the relevant files are in the graphics subdirectory.

Once you have all these files in your home directory, you should run

latex bankdebt.tex
bibtex bankdebt
latex bankdebt.tex
latex bankdebt.tex
dvips -o bankdebt.dvi
If you have never used bibtex, note that LaTeX needs to be run before bibtex, then twice after bibtex. dvips converts the dvifile into postscript.

The resulting output can be viewed by an Adobe Acrobat reader as bankdebt-end.pdf with endnotes and bankdebt-ft.pdf with footnotes.

If you want to download these files, you can do so file by file (clicking on the files in the above definition list), or, if you know how to use .tar.gz or .tgz files (the standard Unix way to collect and compress files), you can download the enter bundle, bankdebt.tgz.

Note again that you will also need LaTeX2e---LaTeX 2.09 became obsolete in Fall 1993. When you run LaTeX, the first line should tell you if you are using LaTeX2e or LaTeX 2.09.

Note again that these files comes with no warranty and support whatsoever. If they fail you, please ask your university's computing services group to help you with LaTeX. Do not ask the SFS, the RFS, or Ivo Welch.

Thanks to Phil Dybvig for pointing out a number of errors.